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Rhythm And Paranoia: The Best Of Bush Tetras

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Wharf Cat Records

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Flashes of light rarely burn for long. Bush Tetras exploded into New York in 1979 and flamed out just a few years later. Yet somehow this lightning-quick band have risen from their own ashes again and again for four decades. The spark that ignited Bush Tetras tapped into a deep grid of power, fueled by guitarist Pat Place, singer Cynthia Sley, and drummer Dee Pop.

That chemistry is palpable on Rhythm and Paranoia: The Best of Bush Tetras, which features 29 songs across 3 LPs pressed onto 180-gram vinyl and remastered by Carl Saff, plus a 46-page book with never-before-seen photos, an original essay on the band by Marc Masters, and micro essays by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, R&B legend Nona Hendryx, The Clash’s Topper Headon, & more.

From the band’s earliest recordings to their current, vital-as-ever incarnation, Rhythm and Paranoia – for the first time ever – showcases the thier unique, influential, and body-shaking meld of rock, punk, funk, reggae, and more in one cohesive, immersive, and meticulously constructed box set.


1. Too Many Creeps !
2. Snakes Crawl !
3. You Taste Like The Tropics !
4. Punch Drunk !
5. Cold Turkey [Live In London] !
6. Things That Go Boom In
The Night !
7. Das Ah Riot !
8. Cowboys In Africa !
9. Rituals !
10. You Can’t Be Funky !
11. Moonlite !
12. Dum Dum !
13. Stand Up And Fight !
14. Page 18 !
15. Color Green !#$
16. Mr. Lovesong [Alternate
Version] !#$
17. World @
18. Motörhead !
19. Pretty Thing !
20. You Don’t Know Me !
21. Heart Attack !
22. Ocean !
23. Nails !#
24. True Blue
25. Red Heavy
26. Out Again
27. There Is A Hum
28. Seven Years
29. Sucker Is Born
30. Run Run Run [Live In San
Francisco] @+
31. Cutting Floor @+

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