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Cult Edits 007

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Multi Culti

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The ritualistic practitioners of late night voodoo return with another cauldron of simmering hot dancefloor magick. Mystic vibrations from Mytron & Ofofo, Thomass Jackson, Barry Sunset, and the mysterious Medieval Man remind you that ‘new normal’ is not the goal, join the freaky future instead.

Suitably wigged-out and shamanic, without venturing into unlistenable waffle, these rhythm-heavy workouts combine all the entheogenic elements we love: jaws harp, tribal drums, datura-soaked electronix and witching chants. All plotted around that sweet, +/-110BPM mark for maximum plod!

No drownings, stake burnings or stonings necessary, just healing vibrations cemented into time via the physical medium of vinyl; and requiring as much integration as a breakthrough dose of 5meo-dmt. Peep!


Matt says: More deliriant that a broomstick to the labia, these four sonic entheogens should bridge the physical gap between this and the 5th dimension. Better consult the elders first though!


A1. Mytron & Ofofo - Machinenhimmel
A2. Barry Sunset - Hit The Drums
B1. Thomass Jackson - Liquido En 33
B2. Medieval Man - Humble Frodo

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