Theo Parrish

In Motion

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Sound Signature

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New Theo Parrish! It's a return to the dark, dusty, MPC-constructed vibe that typified much of Sound Signature's early output (and garnered hordes of young obsessive clubbers in the process...). "In Motion" is based around a moody piano motif; finger clicks and phased snares brilliantly giving it that Motor City flavour.

"Don't Play"'s soft and playful bassline and Rhodes combo will be a welcome nostalgia to long term Theo fans, recalling moments off "Sound Scuptures Vol. 1", plus his work with Billy Love and Rotating Assembly. Another unbeatable MPC beat supports the structure as it casually skips through the long shadows on a brisk late afternoon in Autumn. Beautiful! - and unequivocally Theo, thru & thru,. Nice to have you back baby!

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Matt says: *FANFARE EMOJI* Brand new Theo! It's a hark back to the "Dusty Cabinets"-era; clickity MPC riddims, phased organs, beatdown soul given a new lick of paint. Mega.


A. In Motion
B. Don't Play

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