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Strange Country Jukebox

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Anjana Vasan

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Actor and singer-songwriter Anjana Vasan's first full length album is a collection of warm and eclectic songs that are kinda folk and blues, a little bit americana and country, but can't be neatly filed under any of those titles. Instead, the songs are defined by their depth and imagination. Although the stories often navigate themes of sadness, love and emptiness, they are often buoyed by a playful and wry sense of humour. Vasan made her debut in 2017 with her EP, 'Too Dark for Country', and 'Strange Country Jukebox' builds on the playful sounds of the EP with more soulful arrangements and a bolder sound.


Javi says: And the modern country revival continues! While the album's more delicate moments are reminiscent of Jesca Hoop or Aldous Harding, the album's stompers lurch from country to honky-tonk to pure, sing-a-long catharsis. A brilliantly varied debut album which is as warm and tender as it is brash and assured.


1. Road Trip
2. Mr Magpie
3. Talk To You
4. Naga's Song
5. My Name Is Johnny Cash
6. Betrothal (poem By Carol Ann Duffy)
7. Paper Boats
8. Sweet Talking Man

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