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I always wonder about music from across the Pennines. Given it's northern proximity and rugged Yorkshire spirit, murmurings from our Leeds-based cousins has been relatively quiet of late.

Cue, "Boundless" the latest in a series of compilations from the respected label. It follows last year’s "Come Stay With Me" compilation, a fundraiser for local artists, and "Side to Side" a callout to support women, marginalized genders and LGBTQ+ artists. The album features a collection of 10 new and eclectic tracks from an exceptionally talented group of artists including hypnotic Punjabi folk artist Satnam Galsian, DJ and sound artist Nik Nak, alt funk rock collective Blue Kubricks and poet-rapper Knomad Spock.

If you're stuck in the sometimes insular bubble of Manchester music, then it's refreshingly and inspiring to see a load of bands and artists also following their independent spirit an

Choice moments for me are the 'Lewis Capaldi on auto tune', intimate indie-pop epic, "Even When It Hurts" by Seth Oraeki. The psychedelic electro-folk of Dwellhead (recalling the embryonic Bibio...) and the rawkus tropical-rock-n-roll of KAIROS.

From tasteful, electronic-leaning indie, new soul and experimental pop to the more traditional band set ups, the compilation is a brilliantly curated snapshot of the Leeds music scene right now.


1. Seth Oraeki - Even When It Hurts 
2. Dwellhead - Butterfly Soup 
3. Denmarc Creary - Blame Game 
4. KAIROS - Cruel 
5. NikNak - Whispers 
6. Knomad Spock - Fate 
7. Satnam Galsian - Ride On/Take Me With You 
8. Cosy Room Music - Telemi 
9. Laeeqa - Blossom 
10. Blue Kubricks - 4 Seasons Of Elizabeth

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