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Gender Studies it the debut EP from Irish Post-Punk band M(h)aol via indie label TULLE which champions underrepresented voices in music. The 12” will be a Dinked Edition - a limited edition clear vinyl with 300 copies only. It’ll come with a hand signed postcard from the band, a glittery 'Ghost A Post- Punk Boy Today' sticker, and additional track.

Gender Studies was recorded in just 3 days, and covers topics such as violence against women, the misogynistic music scene in Ireland and the UK, and trying to navigate life when you're not a cis straight white man.

On the EP, lead vocalist Róisín says, “Gender studies weaves past & present in an exploration of how the construct of gender shapes our lives. From feeling like you're not performing your gender right to the way it shapes how we move through the physical, sexual & romantic sphere it marries urgent lyrics with a threatening yet (blank) sound.”


Barry says: Gender Studies is a raukous and fiery distillation of militaristic post-punk and fuzzy grunge. Both lyrically heavy-hitting and eminently listenable, it's an addictive and fresh take on the recent surge of Irish post-punk and sits entirely on it's own merits too. A wonderful sign of what's to come.


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