ACR - EP:A/C/R - Signed Bundle

Image of ACR - ACR - EP:A/C/R - Signed BundleImage of ACR - ACR - EP:A/C/R - Signed BundleImage of ACR - ACR - EP:A/C/R - Signed Bundle
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is dedicated to Denise Johnson and features the band’s final recordings with Denise, where they used up their final days recording time with a day jamming in the studio with no fixed agenda, the result is something very special.

EPC is dedicated to Andrew Weatherall. All four tracks on ACR:EPC are collaborations. Emperor Machine is a collaboration with Andy Meecham, also known as Emperor Machine, YOYOGRIP is a collaboration with Maria Uzor from Sink Ya Teeth and Jacknife Lee and Music Control is a collaboration with Chris Massey who remixed Dirty Boy in 2019. The track Guv’nor is inspired by longtime ACR friend Andrew Weatherall and is a collaboration in spirit.

EPR is the last of a trilogy. Recorded with the internal brief of anything goes, ACR complete their trilogy of Eps with these four tracks, the mesmerising $ouls In The City is made up of Part 2 and Part 1, in that order, followed by the insanely catchy Night People, Big Boy Pants which was named after Joe Biden when he won the US election as it was mixed on the same day and the final track Downtime Vibes, which is a hypnotic piece of repetitive rhythms built up around a set of chimes that Jez found in the back of his car.


Wonderland (Jam 6)
Keep It Together (Jam 5)
Down And Dirty (Jam 2)
Feel No Fear (Jam 1)

Emperor Machine (ACR Vs The Emperor Machine)
The Guv’nor
YOYOGRIP (Long) Featuring Maria Uzor And Jacknife Lee
Musik Kontrol (ACR Vs Massey)


$ouls In The City Part 2 & 1
Night People
Big Boy Pants
Downtime Vibes

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