Peter Alexander Jobson

The Piano Tuner

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Record Label
Alexander Songs Ltd

About this item

Peter Alexander Jobson: Musician, Composer, Performer. Ex member of Mercury nominated I Am Kloot. On occasion guitar player for Guy Garvey. On occasion bass player for Nadine Shah.

Ahead of the release of his debut album in 2022, adopted Mancunian Peter Alexander Jobson brings us this rather wonderful four track EP.

"I have been writing and recording my debut album for 50 years. It is now complete."

“When men do great things everyone knows it takes them a very long time”.


Andy says: Imagine the plaintive beauty of Bill Fay, but with a wicked sense of humour. Or Richard Hawley's classicist vibes but topped with a barstool storyteller. Then you'll get some idea of the sound of PAJ. There's a real poise and deep sense of bruised beauty on display here. It's magnificent.


Side A
1. Holiday (Live)
2. Just ‘Cause I'm Dead
3. Please Please Please

Side B
1. Kesta

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