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Albert's Favourites

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Pie Eye Collective has been a part of the Albert’s Favourites family for a little while, working with Hector Plimmer and Scrimshire on studio and live performances, he has also played alongside Emma-Jean Thackray and And Is Phi.

Pie Eye Collective is the solo project of sound scientist and explorer Matthew Gordon.

While at its heart electronica, Gordon creates an organic collage of influences and evocative noises, even drawing from jazz and soul music. Time signatures and rhythms, sometimes hard to pin down, only lead to a more hypnotic sense of being afloat in a sea of harmonics and strangely familiar musical memories.

It is music that wants you to completely free yourself and let it move through you.


A1. Gratitude
A2. Salvation
A3. Assimilation
A4. Flibbers Feat. Hector Plimmer
A5. Djed
B1. Beta
B2. In Habit
B3. Hymn Feat. Mettashiba
B4. Saqqara
B5. Yantra

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