We Continue - Part 2

Image of Kerrie - We Continue - Part 2
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Cultivated Electronics

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Rising Manc techno flame Kerrie follows up her first Cultivated Electronic release with the second part of "We Continue". The Eastern Bloc stalwart has been turning heads and moving feet of late, garnering priase from DJ Mag, aquiring some top drawer bookings at Freerotation and The Warehouse Project and kick starting her own label - Dark Machine Funk.

This vinyl only release displays more of her fearsom and arresting sound, lazer-etching it into our cerebrums and bodies through her highly electric outboard and punctuated with some of the hardest drum hits we've heard eminate from her studio thus far. That spring, elastic, narco-buzz-n-hum present, like electric cables flailing wildly at high voltage and sparking off in every direction. Kerrie's getting her synths to fizz and spit at almost rabid levels of aggression; while her stuttered, highly kinetic drum programm is irresitable to gyrate to.

It's another winner from this fast-developing techno veteren who having now turned to production and performance rather than just DJing is displaying crazy skills. Recommended. 


A1. Respect To The Drex
A2. Return To Nazca
B1. TT Drone
B2. We Continue

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