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Duca Bianco

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Duca Bianco stroll back into the club, ready to make you move to those outsider sounds all over again with this all star selection! We get off to a fucking fantastic start as Casinoboy pitches down and cuts up Paul Young sleaze-a-thon "Sex" to create a misty mid-tempo version which the same top poppers energy as that extended version of West End Girls - essential Balearic dancefloor cut here. Next up we have the completely cryptic "Unknown" by, well, Unknown, which hits us with a chugging one note bassline, garbled German vocals, tough machine drums and all sorts of siren abuse - think a lost NDW cut re-shaped by Benedikt Frey. Shifting gears for darkroom throb to trainline disco, Rune Lindbaek sweeps in with the galloping bassline, cosmic sequences and frothy vocals of weirdo-disco peak timer "Ratsastic Empress" before Khidja close the set with a feature length freak-fest called "Chuncho". Taking one low slung and hypnotic bassline, a subtle rhythm and some ethereal vocals, the Romanian duo cook up a tripped out bit of techno-disco for that point in the sesh where your mind and body are in separate rooms.


A1. Casinoboy - On My Mind
A2. Unknown
B1. Rune Lindbaek - Ratsastic Empress
B2. Khidja - Chuncho

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