Luca Lozano / Ruf Dug

Junglish Massive 1

Image of Luca Lozano  / Ruf Dug - Junglish Massive 1
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Junglish Massive

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Luca Lozano continues where his Junglish Massive Mixtape stopped, his A-side tracks span from stiff & techy breakbeat with pads as well as uptempo D&B with warm bass & classic sounds. Ruf Dug winds it up on the B, first more uptempo and frenetic but then he eases out with a marvelous chill out jungle cut with saxophones and all that atmosphere one can need for dreaming.


Matt says: Back in stock again: soundsystem pressure from Ruffy and Luca. In high demand since it came out in 2016, we've a limited amount of this much needed repress to go around.


A1. Luca Lozano - Blabba
A2. Luca Lozano - Ton
B1. Ruf Dug - Night Train
B2. Ruf Dug & Doepel - Daintree

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