Soft Waahls EP

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Renegrade techno futurist / modular badman Blawan offers up some more circuit-fried sizzlers on his Ternesc imprint. A double pack of new moods which sounds like a bouncey ball trapped inside a shrinking rubber room  - 'pent up like a wasp in bottle.'

Blawan's rightfully garnered a loyal fanbase of supporters for basically doing more to push techno forwards than most of his present day rivals. Injecting atittude, energy and sheer recklessnes into his modular array and ripping up the rule book when it comes to production.

Urgent. claustrophobic and aggressive, these six cuts display the producer in fabulous form; a certified wrecking ball of techno power. 


1. Justa
2. The Sithe
3. Silver
4. Fizz City
5. Fourth Dimensional
6. Micro 8's

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