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Paranoid London Records

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Paranoid London's peaktime edits series continues in acid house earnest. Two trax pressed hot n funky, one side each. "Feelin Butts" is an elastic, stuttering gyrator full of warehouse bleeps, ricocheting drum hits and a classic hip-house vox sample. Nice and crackly hats, incessant one note bassline and wonderful hand claps seal the deal on this expertly constructed mainline banger.

"Wanka Beats" is a little more murkey, designed for those late night / early morning moments with blurry eyes and hazy memories. The rigid piston rhythm holding just about everything together as highly kinetic body mechanics work overtime.

Both tracks exhibit a trained and specialist knowledge of keeping bodies moving right through the night. Recommended stuff from these UK stalwarts. 


Matt says: Two more highly functional warehouse tweakers from the UK acid stalwarts. Dunno the OGs here but whatever PL have done to em has em sizzling white hot and ready for the club. Get em in the mix for maximum damage!


A. Feelin Butts
B. Wanka Beats

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