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Cleo Sol has returned with her new project titled ‘Mother’, produced by her longtime collaborator Inflo. The 12-track offering, which includes a few hidden tracks, was inspired by Sol’s journey into motherhood.

‘Mother’ is a beautiful soulful album that bares all, a paired down softness to her music accentuates her stunning vocals. It offers a healing energy, full of emotion and elevated optimism, it’s hit just the right spot and what was lacking from this year.

‘Don’t Let Me Fall’, the opening track sets the tone for the album, tender and harrowing in the most beautiful sense. Her vocals are really highlighted by the stripped back neo-soul background, letting her voice shine throughout. The love, optimism and wisdom weaved within this song is truly stunning. ‘Promises’ holds the same powerful energy, a subtle catchy chorus drenched in good vibes, proving difficult not to sing along to.

Another gem, ‘Sunshine’ is a breath of fresh air, a more funk-inspired melody with uplifting compelling lyrics, it embodies what Cleo Sol does best, meaningful messages and the freshest soul around for miles. Love love love this.


Barry says: Cleo Sol's last LP was a beautiful outing and showed her as one of the finest voices in modern soul. This one sees her taking things down a notch, losing the more effervescent groove in favour of a swooning, restful suite of slow melodies and loungy swing. A stunning follow-up and a perfect display of the other side of her considerable talents.


Don’t Let Me Fall
Heart Full Of Love
Build Me Up
We Need You
Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
One Day
Know That You Are Loved

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