Pink Skull

Taki Chrome / Strummer Maxxx

Image of Pink Skull - Taki Chrome / Strummer Maxxx
Record Label
Höga Nord Rekords

About this item

Imagine if Andrew Weatherall produced Pere Ubu. This new Pink Skull 7" on Höga Nord Rekords gives a hint of how such a collaboration might have soundsd. Mid seventies kraut rock á la “Neu 75” meet leftfield and sophisticated punk. The record has an organic warmth to it yet the excessive use of electronics: most instruments on the tracks are synthesizers and drum machines – all Moog, Korg and whatnot.

In the warmth of the Pink Skull-sound you suddenly get a wash of cold, hard rain from all directions. These elements of surprise create edges in the round soundscape and brings chaos to the mix. This is of course all part of Julian Grefes (founder of Pink Skull) plan.

Pink Skull propels you out of the quarantine like a shiny metal free bird released from its rusty cage.


A1. Taki Chrome
B1. Strummer Maxx

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