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B-Sides & Rarities: Part II

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B-Side And Rarities Part II was compiled by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis and features 27 tracks from “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” in 2006 to 2019s “Ghosteen”. Also features 19 rare and unreleased tracks including first recordings of ‘Skeleton Tree’, ‘Girl in Amber’, ‘Bright Horses’ and ‘Waiting for You’.


Darryl says: Cave and Ellis, what a winning combo! Nick Cave remains one of the greatest talents working in music today, and this offers a fascinating insight into the killer tunes they decided not to release along with some fantastic tracks that were only deemed worthy of B-Side status.



1. A1. Hey Little Firing Squad
2. A2. Fleeting Love
3. A3. Accidents Will Happen
4. A4. Free To Walk (With Debbie Harry)
5. A5. Avalanche*
6. A6. Vortex *

7. B1. Needle Boy
8. B2. Lightning Bolts
9. B3. Animal X
10. B4. Give Us A Kiss
11. B5. Push The Sky Away
(Live With The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)*


1. A1. First Skeleton Tree*
2. A2. King Sized Nick Cave Blues*
3. A3. Opium Eyes*
4. A4. Big Dream (With Sky)*
5. A5. Instrumental #33*
6. A6. Hell Villanelle*
7. A7. Euthanasia*
8. A8. Life Per Se*

9. B1. Steve McQueen*
10. B2. First Bright Horses*
11. B3. First Girl In Amber*
12. B4. Glacier*
13. B5. Heart That Kills You*
14. B6. First Waiting For You*
15. B7. Sudden Song*
16. B8. Earthlings*

*previously Unreleased

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