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New from the Prestwich-born, Manchester-raised, London-based techno wonderwoman. On the label that spotted her talent first time round - Workshop.

"Squirrel City" opens in her typically shadowy, airy manner; inflections of dub-techno and playful micro-house shining through a shimmering, digital haze and punctuated beatifully with some well plotted kick drum and bass interplay. 

"Phoebe" hums and rattles with a lysergic throb, tryptamine inducing outboard effects tickling the cerebrum in just the right ways as a tectonic stomp edges closer to an endless climax.

"Sexual" sees more of those cheeky micro-house influeces sewn into a rich deep house tapestry. Plumped up with velumptious pads and thermal bass, and unfolding and a dreamily languid pace, effortless sparkling with no intention of showing off.

"Strawberry Moon" concludes with a UKG-house hybrid which recalls the innocent charm of Matthew Herbert's work with Moloko as much as the skitty playfullness of late 90s garage. More of those synonymous snips and stutters populate the mix with this highly desirable curtain call on the EP.

Willow's sound continues to evolve into a fully realized aesthetic. Lurking in the shadows pulling strange shapes with a wry smile. it's spacious, with room for the listener / dancer to dreamy; it'll sound great in the club and even better at the after party. 

10 / 10. Mega TIP! 


Matt says: Always nice to see Willow smashing it up as always. Her sound becomes more refined and sassy with every release.


A1. Squirrel City
A2. Phoebe
B1. Sexuall
B2. Strawberry Moon

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