Maria Uzor

Innocence And Worldliness

Image of Maria Uzor - Innocence And Worldliness
Record Label
Hey Buffalo

About this item

The singer and producer from acclaimed dance-punk duo Sink Ya Teeth channels elements of Flying Lotus, EBM, and Drum n bass on her first official solo outing; and boy does it feel like emerging, blinking, from a cave into the sun. Uzor wrote and recorded the EP in her living room last Winter, fuelled on a diet of Octavia E. Butler, Sun Ra, early techno, and dub reggae.

‘Innocence and Worldliness’ EP is a micro-world of hyper digital electro-soul, wrapped in metallically sensual vocals, and beamed in from outer space.

RIYL: Beatrice Dillon / Massive Attack / Grace Jones

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