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I've a real soft spot for Club Winston's saccharine sweet, energized UK club music. There's a naive playfulness, earnest honestly and real dedication to the simple engineering of dancefloor kinetics which sets him apart from a lot of the other producer's polluting their tracks with superfluous elements. Winston keeps it hard hitting and stripped back, leaving the bemushroomed listener with just enough sonic guidance to forge their own quasi-spiritual nightclub journey.

Five releases in and he's still deliciously under the radar, making these five new tracks an exciting prospect for any underground club DJ. Distilling the best of UK dance culture - bassline, house, garage and the faster northern variations including a smattering of trance and hard house; Club Winston's sound is familiar yet unique - and something proudly UK-centric. If you've not taken the waltzers to one of his records yet, now my friends is the time! Fairground tackle of the highest order and totally recommended by us here.


Matt says: Delicious, sugary sweet club energy that grabs you by the nethers and doesn't release its grip! I heart Club Winston! Giving you those fresh feels allll nite; reminds me of the spontanous bursts of fun injected by the Dixon Avenue Basement Jams cru. Mega.


A1. British Kiss
A2. Long
B1. Soft Half
B2. Rent
B3. Don’t Give Up

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