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W.L.W.A.S.I.O.H. (K Lost Acid Dub)

Image of Unknown Artist - W.L.W.A.S.I.O.H. (K Lost Acid Dub)
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The allusive K returns with a new "Lost Acid Dub" with an indecipherable title preceding it, it harks back to a time of white label anonymity whilst delivering a supreme slice of late-night fog-fueled nitrate rushes.

I mean, was there ever a track more made for a smoky strobe light and a bottle of poppers. Adam H is haunting my mind's eye writing this!

Seriously tho, biting 303s, compressed, slamming houz beats and a post-come-up, XTC-soaked sweat-n-tingle that'd make the most ardent Sankey's raver blush.

This is the business folks! Don't sleep! 


WLWASIOH (K Lost Acid Dub)

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