Total Comfort

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Rush Hour

About this item

Dutch one-to-watch, Oceanic, finally makes his debut on Rush Hour. The outstanding "Total Comfort" EP, displays his skills as an increasingly confident producer - taking cues both from classic Detroit and UK techno whilst looking at the future with four slices of delicately woven, post-modern breakbeat techno.

Undeniably suited for Rush Hours forward-gazing approach, the combination of sharp, glacial synthesis, galvanized soundscapes and shimmering, radioactive patina play perfectly into the multi-dynamic, modern arrangements which switch up on the flick of a beat and take the listener on a where-to-next audio journey. Mega stuff. 


Matt says: Newly signed Rush Hour artist proudly announces his arrival via this multi-pronged 12" debut (plus a rather over styled press shoot if you ask me ;)). If you're into the futuristic sounds of AD 93 and R&S offshoot Apollo, then this my friends if 4 U!


A1. Total Comfort
A2. Q On 6
B1. Foam To
B2. Connect In Rest

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