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Final Comnference

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Double header from two stalwarts of the new guard. Bambounou and Bruce have fast cemented themselves as ones to watch on the current scene and this joint effort perfectly demonstrates the overwhelmingly fresh production talents both possess in the bucketload.

"Crash" seems to play with time, stretching and contracting with an almost coital throb, it's peppered perx and twangy, skeletal construction perfect for twisting bodies and expanding minds late, late on into the session. With an almost, 'fuck you I can do better' aimed squarely at AFX it seems these two new challengers to UK techno's crown certainly mean business.

"Rai" has a more playul, house-orientated approach but with still the meticulous attention to detail that characterizes the whole EP. A crackly soundbed of static and electronics gives way to a fizzy synth sequece while pitched squeals and metallic sfx populate the busy soundbed.

"Final Conference", destined for repeat plays at festivals like Dekmantel & AVA, demonstrates a poised, delicate approach which creative DJs should be able to utilize indefinitely with its complicated, constantly-rising structure and brilliantly stimulating sonics.

Highly impressive stuff here from two new players you simply have to keep an eye on. Check! 


Side 1
1. Crash (7:57)
Side 2
1. Rai (4:59)
2. Final Conference (7:51)

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