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The walls where of bare red brick and hung with pop art paintings, the button-back banquettes in olive green velour. It's like sitting on a sofa in a front room circa 1983. The ceiling has gnarled, thin wooden beams. It's a wealthy person's version of a humble farmhouse and it's magnificent...

After that poetic scene setting, I'll get stuck into the sounds on this second instalment of No Ordinary Game. Sticking with their 80s-informed, Balearic flecked style, the label let loose with a killer quartet of dubby dancefloor flavours and soft pop pieces. The A1 aims straight for the heart, extending John Farnham's "Age Of Reason" into a tearjerking Balearic house masterpiece packed with dub effects - well Harvey. On the A2 "Yes Kimmi" serves us an utterly groovey bit of jazz fusion percussion, comprised mosty of digital drum rolls, electric mallets and minters grooves. This could originally be Per Tjernberg, but I couldn't be sure. Flip it and we get a less histrionic edit of Miami Sound Machine's "Dr Beat" and then a masterful club dub of the Thompson Twins' "Lies".


Patrick says: Right, this is actually genius! The No Ordinary Game team create a modern Body & Soul masterpiece out of a John Farnham cut - for real! Then we get a percussion heavy jazz fusion jam, a Dr Beat reheat and a bloody Thompson Twins edit. Ace!


A. No Reason
A. Yes Kimmi
B. Patient B
B. It's All Lies

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