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Bureau B

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"Spring" is Thomas Klein's fourth Sølyst release on Bureau B, gleaned from material spanning the past three years. The time he has spent with these pieces has been time well spent. In revisiting them, he has posed new questions, rearranged and reworked some elements, dismissed or discarded others. Photophobic dancers, tar on their shoes, flashes of light, monochrome is our only colour. "Spring" is the soundtrack to a night such as this, plotting its course through to the late morning: take "Sheroes" and play it between Martin Rev and Chris & Cosey, take "Atlas" and play it, if you will, after Tolouse Low Trax. And before the doors reopen, take "Spiral".


Side 1
1. Sheroes (5:30)
2. Flex (2:53)
3. Thief (6:30)
4. Flush (4:02)
Side 2
1. Hold (5:23)
2. Atlas (3:40)
3. Spiral (6:51)
4. Spring (4:09)

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