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Local Talk

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DJ Neet & Gordon Brown Jr strikes back with their second release on Local Talk, the follow-up to their "Breaking Dub" release which we here thought was absolutely amazing!

They are continuing on the same route, creating their own unique twist on dub and adding an homage to the early downbeat creations on Ninja Tune.

Blunted beats decorate "Dopewise", setting things alight with its dubbed out vox and headnoddingly powerful breakbeat. Timpani fills and the odd scratchy guitar tape echo fatten up the arrangement good and proper - fyra in the house!

"Searching For Gold" showcase the duo's space and melodic dub with a smash of heavy analogue bass and melodic mood-enhancing brilliance which falls somewhere between the psychedelic roots of Irie Mona and the dubwise brilliance of On-U. Presha! 


Matt says: Continuing their permanent spot in my record bag for a third month running, the newest Riddim Research Lab 7" explores the act's unique dubwise sound further still; dropping baggy breakbeats and an acid house swagger into proceedings for a crossover hit with maximum potential!


A. Dopewise
B. Searching For Gold

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