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Tracks from the late, great D. Ball; excavated, polished and re-illuminated by the good folks at Ourtime for our listening pleasure. More understated than previous releases from Dave, but carrying the same depth, essence and sentimentality that runs through all of his music.

Expansive landscapes, primal kinetics & timeless electronix on this one, a real trip for the mind with enough shimmer and stutter to keep the more free-minded dancefloor dweller shuffling away in the corner with his / her eyes wide shut. There's a seriously melancholic undertone here; hinting at some existential darkness that seems to encroaching on the Earth (remember Dave sadly died BEFORE all this COVID / Capitalist Realism nonsense started, yet the music seems potmarked with dystopia).

If you're into nagging, modular grunts and squeals; thick dense atmospheres and highly emotive pads and presets then you'll probably already be a fan of this artist's work. If not, then welcome to one of the most visionary, singular and innovative producers from the Manchester - Salford connection!

Limited copies, highly recommended. 


Matt says: Avid collectors of Ourtime will have already bagged this in earnest. But if you're new to this guy and have any kind of inclination towards Northwest electronics and specifically techno and electro made in Manchester or Salford - then D Ball is the crème of the crop.


A. Be
B1. Change
B2. Saha

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