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Independent noise rock from Manchester. For fans of Sonic Youth, Unwound, Boris, Girl Band, Slint, lawnmowerwave and the morning bellows of two roosters engaged in a verbal Taekwondo scrap.

It's a scrapyard racket with visceral chants, howling screams & detuned guitars aplenty. A kinda spit-in-yer face attitude that reminds me of Rage Against The Machine and all that late 90s anarcho / hardcore spirit. 

"They are as fucking intense as a rock band can get without spontaneously combusting – and at the same time - there is something new and clever and indefinable about what they do" -Louder Than War.

"The Manchester foursome make for one hell of a band that wholeheartedly push, kick and ultimately, demolish the boundaries of what is possible" -Spotlight Music UK "Manchester's CHIHUAHUA are a band looking to tap into the emotional extremes that Noise Rock can create" -NoNewWaveNoFun Blog


A1. White Cane Bruise
A2. Drawbridge
A3. Total Commitment
A4. Towering Narcissus
B1. Nailing Tent Pegs To My Forehead
B2. Crutch
B3. God's Favourite Sportscar

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