Sally C

Big Saldo's Chunker 001

Image of Sally C - Big Saldo's Chunker 001
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Big Saldo's Chunkers

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Avid Boiler Room viewers, active pre-COVID dance festival devotees and most of Ireland's die-hard clubbers already know about Sally C. The charismatic young DJ has been igniting live streams and festival stages alight over the past few years with some crucial appearances displaying her no-nonsense, banging house and techno style. Big basslines, ghetto / booty vox and mainroom drums her trademark, her unrelenting online DJ mixes have made her somewhat of a household name across the lockdown parties as people eagerly await her return.

Now kicking off a brand new label with three Big Chunkers™ that'll blow away the COVID-cobwebs and unveil a whole new epoch of Big Room dancing!

No need for too many superlatives here: we all know the script - big bolshy house tunes that are ready to kick start any dance. If Fatboy Slim was still doing his Big Beach Boutique parties - these would be top of the list! ;)


1. OG Chunker
2. Let’s Get This
3. Turn That

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