2 Pac / Ice Cube

California Love / Jackin For Beats

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West Coast Classics

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We're straight West Coastin' here with another hefty 7" of gangsta genius from the sunshine state (where the bomb-ass hemp be). The A-side plays host to possibly the most exciting, adrenaline jacking rap single ever, the one and only "California Love". I know you know, but allow me to channel my fourteen year old self for a second in all his fanboy giddiness. Operating at the peak of his Death Row production powers, Dre weaves elements of Joe Cocker's "Woman To Woman", Zapp's "Dance Floor" and Ronnie Hudson's "West Coast Poplock" then turns everything up to 11 to create an absolute ANTHEM! Props to whoever ghostwrote his verse here  (D.O.C, I'm looking at you), because it's one of his very best, delivered with proper panache. Roger Troutman brings the authentic talkbox action to the party, and then the recently un-incarcerated Tupac Shakur absolutely KILLS this shit with one of the most iconic verses ever. If you're feeling bored, feel free to call in store and request I perform this whole track acapella. On the flip, Dre's former NWA buddy Ice Cube reminds everyone why he was the group's best lyricist over a sampledelic backing created by Dre's cousin Sir Jinx out of beats from EPMD, PE, Digital Underground, LL Cool J and others. Good shit!


A1. 2 Pac - California Love (feat Dr Dre)
B1. Ice Cube - Jackin For Beats

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