Stimulator Jones

Low Budget Environments Striving For Perfection

Image of Stimulator Jones - Low Budget Environments Striving For Perfection
Record Label
Stones Throw

About this item

Instrumental beat record from multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and hip-hop DJ Stimulator Jones, curated with Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf. Follow up to his debut album, ‘Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures’, featuring break out hit ‘Soon Never Comes’. 

‘Low Budget Environments Striving For Perfection’ is comprised of atmospheric hip-hop beats, mainly using a Yamaha SU700. Available to independent retailers on black single vinyl with colourful and psychedelic artwork by illustrator Adam Castle. 

Stimulator Jones counts Billie Eilish as a fan - she has posted his track ‘Soon Never Comes’ multiple times on her socials. For fans of Dan Kye, Matt Martians, DãM-FunK, Mndsgn, Jitwam, DJ Harrison, Swarvy, Butcher Brown


1. The Essence
2. Dungeon Master
3.Chill & Sip
4. How Much You Care
5. Icy Altitudes
6. Heat Index
7. Blowin Gold
8. Flow Speed
9. Errybodyguh
10. Ecstasy Ride
11. Grover Chop
12. Thunderball
13. Figueroa
14. Watermelon Slices
15. Rhythm Ace
16. Peaceful
17. Spirit (JD)
18. Vague Vibes
19. Quarantine
20. Side Step
21. Useless Trees
22. Sun Rays
23. Juju

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