Jim Sharp

Feelin' Good

Image of Jim Sharp - Feelin' Good
Record Label
Dusty Donuts

About this item

For the 20th release on the Dusty Donuts label, they keys are turned over to Jim Sharp, who was responsible for the very first Dusty release. This time out Jim and DJ Goce recreate a fabled J Dilla track that was only ever used as an intro for Slum Village’s early live shows. The only record of it is a grainy 10 second clip of VHS footage. Feelin’ Good features jazz piano, swingin drums and an iconic vocal reflipped in the spirit of one of the GOATs. The B side ‘Old Digger” is a return to the Dusty formula with a few technological advancements in play. Classic thumping drums, vocal stabs, a different era of Jazz swing and vocal that’ll rock BBQs to wedding receptions.


A1. Feelin' Good (Jim Sharp & Goce Edit)
B1. Old Digger (Jim Sharp Edit)

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