Arp Frique

Nyame Ye / Oi Quem Que Nos

Image of Arp Frique - Nyame Ye / Oi Quem Que Nos
Record Label
Rush Hour

About this item

Autumn promises a brand new LP from Dutch digital exotica expert Arp Frique, and the artist whets our appetite with this superb 7" single, perfect for summer enjoyment. On the A-side "Nyame Ye" bursts into technicolour with African drum boxes, highlife riffs and sharp synthwork all supporting the ecstatic vocal from Mariseya, while the B-side brings us a cooler downtempo jam featuring vocals from Americo Brito. So snap this up pronto and repeat until September.


A. Nyame Ye
B. Oi Quem Que Nos

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