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Norsk Tripping 4

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Norsk Tripping

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Oslo's undercover edit agent is Lindbaek with another essential communique in the Norsk Tripping series... Six more tracks selected from a private vault of dancefloor dynamite & super rarities, which takes in Italo, Dutch new wave, Space Rock & Balearic obscurities. All given the sonic once over for maximum playability...

Up first, "Disco Boulet" is a synth-led disco stomper for the Italo-philes and pill goths out there. Melancholic attitude, malfunctioning electronics, supercharged sequences and a disinterested vocal for the win. Next up, "Gnesta" is a new wave take on disco, which reminds me of La Bionda at their campest but with a murkier energy, driven largely by a f*cked up vocal straight outta the Bermuda Triangle. The aforementioned Dutch new wave rears its head on A3 offering "Haeverk", a kind of cosmic curio with frazzled synths, whispered vocals and all kind of guitar scree collapsing across a well disciplined drum box. 

Turning the corner "Fibre" is exactly my kind of wonked out, backwards dancing tackle, presumably pitched down, totally laced with tape hiss and possessed by some sort of bass frequency demon. YES! YES! YES! The cosmic weirdness continues with the strange, yet beautiful "Grishin", a dark and dubby freak from the glory days of the DIY era. All that remains is a Balearic tearjerker in the form of "Blodekjaerheia", a gorgeous blend of wordless vocals, clarinet, sitar and the dubbish bass.


Patrick says: Bang this on the platter when you wanna move bodies and fry synapses. This six shooter of obscure rerubs offers new wave, synth disco, dubby industrial and the Balearic closer 'Blodekjaerheia'.


A1. Disco Boulet
A2. Gnesta
A3. Haeverk
B1. Fibre
B2. Grishin
B3. Blodekjaerheia

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