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British producer Patrick Tipler aka Delay Grounds signs debut for Lapsus with "Genus", 5 track EP of maximalist electronica, avant-techno & astral travelling

British producer Patrick Tipler spent his formative years immersed in psychedelia as a bassist and guitarist in various bands and groups. The arrival of synthesizers – along with his move to Bristol – radically changed his vision of sound and impacted on his musical direction with the force of an asteroid. This shockwave subsequently saw the birth of Delay Grounds.

After releasing the outstanding 'Onomatopoeia' in 2020, and 'Upcycling' earlier this year 2021, Delay Grounds’ output has made it clear for all to see that Tipler’s sound design skills are second to none, and with just two releases to his name he has already transformed himself into an artist to watch very closely.

On 'Genus', Delay Grounds preserves the essence of his sound but takes things a step further, with a form of maximalist electronica, sprouting powerful torrents of high-pitched and ruff-as-rock avant-techno, glitches and mutant sound elements, combined with sweet and delicate melodies in the purest IDM style. Polishing is provided by sound engineer Nick Earle, with whom Patrick has recorded and remarkably treated a kit of "deconstructed drums" especially for the occasion.

‘Genus’ is 30 minutes of astral travelling, an experience perhaps analogous to what we would feel if we opened a vault, containing music from a lost civilization.


A1. Origin
A2. I'd Like To See You Try
A3. Itch
B1. Are We There Yet
B2. Soft Detach 

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