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I Go

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Gudu Records

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Released via Gou’s own Gudu Records, “I Go” is an incredible piece of club-focused electronic music and showcases a very different sound to previous single “Nabi”.

Where "Nabi" was a chiller killer on a Balearic tip, inspired in equal parts by Gou's memories of 80s/90s Korean pop and Erik Satie, "I Go" is all about the Kisstory Club Classics we've all enjoyed rinsing during the "home Berghains"-era of lockdown life. Both retain the hallmarks of Peggy Gou’s unique take on electronic music; at once both nostalgic and totally modern. But on “I Go”, the tempo, 808s and 909s are dialled right up for a self-motivating anthem that is set to soundtrack a summer when we can all hopefully dance together in our thousands again. Melodic, moving and packed full of period features, I go has the mood and thrust of Gat Decor's "Passion", the chiming beauty of Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music" and the sonic purity of Madge in "You Can Dance" mode.


Matt says: It might remind older freestyle / disco heads of Company B's '87 hit "Fascinated" but don't let that detract from this bona fide electro-disco anthem. Peggy Gou turns negative energy into jars of honey, taking her recent online battles and COVID disdain and distilling it into 5 minutes of sugary, starry-eyed disco bliss.


A1. I Go
B1. I Go (Instrumental)
B2. I Go (Acapella)

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