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New Andres 12" on Magohani featuring a brand live version of his killer hit "New 4 U" b/w a brand new track - "Praises". Featuring his extensive MPC percussion work and dollops of gentle piano, it's paired with one of those invigorating and empowered gospel vibes to absolute perfection. Well timed for the big unleashing of energy that's due to spill out over the dying days of Summer; if you're lucky enough to be heading to a festival this year then I'm sure you're bound to hear this soundtracking some pretty epic daytime sessions.

As for the live version of "New For U" it's a rapturous and musical expression of this certified gold standard as you might expect. Twisting it from its sample-based origins into a soulful & highly frenetic jam - the extra vocals and percussion really give it some extra legs. Again, will sound great as the sun dapples across your face in a green and lush pasture.

Limited copies. 


Matt says: Detroit's big digited, slack trousered MPC grandmaster returns but with no MPC in sight on a new, live version of his classic hit "New For U". "Praises" sees his effortless Akai sampling reach its natural zenith - rolling out another casual mini-anthem for the festivals, bars and bouji beach wedding. TIP!


A1. Praises
B1. New For U (Live)

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