Hi Tech Criminal

Duster EP

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Klasse Wrecks

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Originally released on Volume and Tension in 1994, the 'Duster' EP was one of only two releases Toby Warren completed under the Hi Tech Criminal moniker. It has since gone on to become a rare gem of a record that swaps hands for princely sums. Klasse Wrecks do what’s right and re-issue the original tracks on vinyl alongside an exclusive-never-heard-before mix of the lead track. The four tracker harks back to a period in time when creativity and originality was at an all time high in dance music. The tracks on the 'Duster' EP defy categorization, equal parts bouncing house, progressive mindset and driving techno, with a distinctly UK air to proceedings which I’m sure a lot of bass music DJ’s will find favour with now. Although a cult item, this hasn't really made it onto the Youtube algorhim or into the sets of MCDE - meaning it's currently joyously underplayed and really quite under-the-radar for your average Resident Advisor reader. Peep!


A1. Duster
A2. Duster (Holloway Mix)
B1. Lightbulb
B2. Fried Squid

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