Native Dance 2

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Native Dance

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After an excellent first instalment Bayetë returns with a second Native Dance edits sampler, teaming up this time with close friends and local producers on four dancefloor-ready edits roving over luscious chanson, quirky downtempo, and sun-soaked italo-pop. 
We're taking the Testarossa for a spin along the cliffside on the A1, salty sea air blending with the Peruvian powder in a nice nostril cocktail. Rubberised synth bass pings around the Mediterranean drum machine while classy keys and slick guitar licks ensure eyes are closed and arms held aloft. The tempo drops for "Guapa", a slower and sensual cut which could easily be an alternate reprise for the opener, if it weren't for the deliciously cheesy Spanish guitar and beach bar vocals. "Sancho" opens the B-side, hitting the back of the net with an uplifting bit of super Balearic boogie Francais which will NEVER leave my record box. Our international editors bring the curtain down with the street soul inspired "Lily", a glorious combination of pillow talk vocals, O'Jays interpolation and gentle jazzy chords. It's the umbrella in your Pina Colada.


A1. Alba
A2. Guapa
B1. Sancho
B2. Lily

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