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Parisian label Chuwanaga proudly presents Latitude, the Saint-James label co-founder’s new studio project. Keeping it close to the deep jazz-funk ethos of the label, Latitude brings two luminous songs of joy and hope for a better day, highly danceable yet rich and complex grooves with a human feel to feed your soul and make you move.

“Leo” has that upbeat buoyancy you’d associate with Brit-funk and Equa. With skippy hats and gilded Strats this one pogos itself right to the front of the dancefloor.

“Attitude” is a more suave, late-nite affair. Slashing guitars left and right, dazzling keyboard bursts and rising strings guide this one right into the stratosphere!

French masher-upper Mato is on hand to give “Attitude” a reggae-rub-down: his touchup merging flavours of lovers rock, steppers and street soul into one joyous, echo-soaked soup. Incredible! 


Leo (Extended Mix)
Attitude (Mato Dub Remix)

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