A Tribe Called Quest / The Pharcyde

Bizarre Tribe: A Quest To The Pharcyde

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Bizarre Tribe

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From Amerigo Gazaway, the brainchild behind "Fela Soul". On his latest effort, ATCQ productions are re-orchestrated by using the original jazz, soul, and funk recordings sampled in their works paired with vocals from The Pharcyde. It's a beautiful pairing, offering lush, organic instrumentals for the streetwise raps to dance between. There's something quite effortless about the pairing, almost like they were always destined to go together. Definitely one of the strongest mash-up rap albums on the market at the moment...


Matt says: Can't get enough of these Gazaway projects. One of his most celebrated is this one, utilizing Pharcyde vox and crate dug instrumentals informed by ATCQ. It's a brilliant concept, executed with so much confidence and style you'll be convinced it's collaboration by all artists involved - but this was all conceived in the AG studio!


Side 1
1. Tour Guide
2. Runnin'
3. Ya Mama & Stuff
Side 2
1. Soul Flower (We've Got)
2. Bonita Keeps On Passin' Me By
3. Otha Otha Fish
Side 3
1. 4 Better Or 4 Worse
2. Award Tour Guide
3. Trust (part II)
4. It Ain't Nothing Like (feat Kriminul)
Side 4
1. Interlude
2. Lyrics To Let It Go
3. Doin' Time (feat The Pharcyde & Sublime)
4. Pharcyde Of The Moon (feat Black Moon - Bonus Track)

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