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Red Zero Seven

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Though Universe

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Thought Universe reissue a compilation of high grade, lost Northwest electronica here with deep ties to Skam, Manchester and the early Boomkat / Pelican neck scene around the turn of the millennium. Collated by Mark Pilkington it features a smattering of artists you've probably never heard of and covers outlandish genre's like noize, glitch, breakcore alongside more traditional genres like electro, techno and ambient electronic.

"Red Zero Seven" was the first release in a series of colour coded CDs. Struktur was a Manchester based record label initially established by graphic designer Ian Edmundson and computer programmer Eddy Symons. Later musician and artist Mark Pilkington joined the label. As a follow up to "Red Zero Seve” the label released "Orange Zero Six" CD by various artists. The label was active between 2002 to 2004.


1.Bovaflux - Startup 01:14
2.Kutchi - Sciamatchy 05:18
3.The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - Minraud 07:10
4.Thought Universe - DXNHI35 04:44
5.Liquid Past 04:36
6.Buoy - Twenty Two 03:28

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