The Blinders

The Lounge Lizard Sessions - Signed Edition

Image of The Blinders - The Lounge Lizard Sessions - Signed EditionImage of The Blinders - The Lounge Lizard Sessions - Signed Edition
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Record Label
Modern Sky

About this item

The Lounge Lizard Sessions is a collection of rearranged compositions more suited to socially distanced and intimate performances. The project evolved from a series of stripped-back shows, the band falling in love with their new-found approach and finding themselves wanting to dive into their music and explore its sonic depth via additional instrumentation and experimentation.

“When everything went to shit with the Covid pandemic, we realised that if we wanted to continue playing live shows we’d have to drastically change the sound and really roll down the amps,” lead singer Thomas Haywood explains.

“We played a few shows at a local hotspot for the modern beatniks of Manchester called the Rose & Monkey Hotel. Musically, it’s the most enjoyment I’ve ever gotten out of playing a collection of songs. The whole thing became a project of ours, and we gradually began increasing the depth of the pieces by bringing in keys and other various parts.

“These songs, these arrangements, became our way of getting back to our audience and once again revelling in the communion that we feel when we play on stage. This record was recorded in one take at Parr St. Studios in Liverpool, a place we’ve wanted to work out of for some time. Listening back, as far as keepsakes or souvenirs go… it feels pretty special.”


1) I Want Gold
2) I Can't Breathe Blues
3) The Writer
4) From Nothing To Abundance
5) Black Glass
6) Something Wicked This Way Comes
7) Lunatic (With A Loaded Gun)
8) Where No Man Comes
9) Circle Song
10) Mule Track 

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