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Second installment from the Todmorden based, Golden Lion Sounds; the newly inaugarated record label born outta the infamous North West venue and cultural hub.

Volume 2 in their highly collectable 7" release features Piccadilly favourites The Orielles, alongside the rambunctious, Speed Wunderground-signed The Lounge Society  - so it's a Halifax and Hebden Bridge affair on this local labour of love; with grand and global ambitions!

Taking turns to collab on each other's tracks must always been a buzz, and here each act treat the other's to a power up behind the mixing desk. The Lounge Society treat The Orielles' "Euro Borealis" to a jangly, indie-disco refix; full of metallic Strats, large keyboard bass and 4/4 energy. The Orielles, in turn; join the boys for a new version of "Burn The Heather": turning out a kinda mid-90s jazzy d'n'b jam - referencing Squarepusher, Photek and a plethora of other breakbeat manipulators as they layer up the taur guitar lines and the MESian vox of the OG in a perfect hybrid. 

Another winner from't hills! Limited copies...  


A: The Lounge Society X The Orielles - Euro Borealis (The Lounge Society Remix) - 04:08
A: The Orielles X The Lounge Society - Burn The Heather (The Lounge Society Re-work) - 04:23

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