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Cassia make music to take control of their emotions. When the Macclesfield trio (Rob Ellis - lead vocals/guitar, Lou Cotterill - bass and Jake Leff - drums) first formed, they used song writing to embellish reality, covering up dull days with colourful tunes. Now they're crafting powerful, intentional songs that cut straight to the heart: drifting through their daydreams and daily anxieties as if in real time, giving space to doubts, fears and self-reflection. The result is empowering, for the band as much as the listener.

The last twelve months have been a time of deep introspection for the trio, who have been holed up together in Berlin, living, writing and recording in the same house. Stranded far from their loved ones, and with their joyful live shows on hold, they've playfully dubbed it 'Casa de Cassia'. The stillness and focus is worlds apart from their life as a band until now. In their airy top-floor studio, dislocated from all that's familiar, Cassia have found real fulfilment in writing about the every-day: no more covering up.

'Magnifier', and its sister record, February's 'Powerlines' EP, are the first releases that Cassia have made, start to finish, without anyone else in the room. "We've worked with amazing engineers and producers in the past," acknowledges Rob, "but this time it feels entirely ours. It sounds exactly how we want it to sound." Stay tuned for more new music and information on its release to follow.


1. Slow
2. Right There

1. Vitamins
2. Gotta Get Through Til Monday

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