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Sentimental Animals

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Dicky Trisco and JKriv brought their trans-Atlantic alliance to Barefoot Beats last year, letting loose with one of the biggest tracks on the label. Now the well-credentialed disco duo come through with a brand new project Sentimental Animals! Slicing up forgotten gems from across at least 3 continents, this stunner of a debut packs a serious dancefloor punch.

On the A1, the duo do the musical equivalent of sheese, somehow making "Dance With Me", a 1978 disco frother from the Brazilian Cher, Gretchen, palatable for the lactose intolerant DJs. It still retains a little of its former flavour, but ditching most of the more pungent notes, the duo deliver a campy winner. I'm gonna have to plead ignorance on the A2, but I desperately want to know the OG here. What we get is a massive Latino-Caribeno groover with the energy of boogie, intensity of the tango and great vocals. I LOVE this!
The killers continue on the flipside, firstly with a high tempo, Italo-fied stomper, suped up with a disco donk (additional 4/4 sizzle) and plenty of filter whoosh, before they close the set with an apt edit of Walter Franco's "Do Alto / Sentimental Animals" off his '75 LP "Revolver". In its original form this is a funky bit of MPB primed for the dancefloor or Carnival, and this fresh incarnation is somehow even juicier.


Patrick says: JKriv and Dicky Trisco team up under their new Sentimental Animals moniker with a fresh four tracker of edit expertise which hosts IMO the finest work in their long and celebrated careers.



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