Tori Amos

Under The Pink - Vinyl Reissue

Image of Tori Amos - Under The Pink - Vinyl ReissueImage of Tori Amos - Under The Pink - Vinyl Reissue
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Record Label
Warner Records

About this item

Singer-songwriter Tori Amos released her second studio album Under the Pink in January 1994. Entering the UK charts at #1, it’s regarded as one of Tori’s most acclaimed albums, featuring in a number of ‘best albums of the 90s’ lists. Charting at UK #4 in the singles chart, the lead single Cornflake Girl is one of several unforgettable singles featuring in the album, which also include God, Past the Mission, and Pretty Good Year. The album was BPI certified platinum in 2007, and continues to be an album which draws interest to new and old fans alike.


Side One
1. Pretty Good Year 3:25
2. God 3:58
3. Bells For Her 5:20
4. Past The Mission 4:05

Side Two
1. Baker Baker 3:20
2. The Wrong Band 3:03
3. The Waitress 3:09

Side Three
1. Cornflake Girl 5:06
2. Icicle 5:47
3. Cloud On My Tomgue 4:44

Side Four
1. Space Dog 5:10
2. Yes, Anastasia 9:33

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