I Love Acid Twenty Five

Image of WTCHCRFT - I Love Acid Twenty Five
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Balkan Vinyl / I Love Acid

About this item

NYC producer WTCHCRFT makes his debut on Posthuman’s I Love Acid series, with Elisa Bee on remix duty. You know the score by now: suuuuper rare n elusive, HI GRADE acid cuts, done in that authentic style but still brimming with originality. Most tracks have some kinda dark vox laced within the 303 and drum box patterns as they cross thru all flavours of the late nite warehouse party. Cut by Radioactive Man, it's a rip roarer of an EP, featuring no less than five tracks all of which bang loud and fizzy on the wax!

Mega limited copies so don't dilly dally ravers!


A1. Merde Acid
A2. Hoom
A3. All D Time On Mi Mind
B1. All D Time On Mi Mind (Elisa Bee Remix)
B2. Nonsense Acid

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