Their Fantasy Mirrors

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Airbag Records

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Serene, sublime and sinister in equal measure, the synth-drenched shoe-gaze of Gravegonzo’s Their Fantasy Mirrors chronicles a series of characters; obsessives transfixed with their own reflections - lyrics that convey a jarring sense of menace, enveloped in sensuous, abstract pop music.

Musically, the debut LP from the Peckham-based artist brings to mind the enigmatic and ethereal pop of The Cocteau Twins and The Cure, the electronica of Burial and Four Tet as well as the gothic sensibilities from sources as wide-ranging as Siouxsie & The Banshees through to Crystal Castles.

Threaded throughout the sonically diverse record are lyrics inspired by the abstract narratives of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, et al; sleazy yet shimmering - ominous stories at odds with the beauty of the mellifluous melodies. Their Fantasy Mirrors is an exploration into the complexity of morality, examined through the eyes of the characters vividly brought to life by lyricist Sam Beahan.

The delicate precision with which Gravegonzo lay their ethereal musical collages over syncopated beats to create enigmatic, ethereal post-pop is nothing short of magnificent. 

The beauty of it all belies the lyrical content - a dark narrative that unfolds across the record to wondrous effect.

‘Their Fantasy Mirrors’ is an undoubtedly impressive debut from an artist at the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating career.


1. Lurk Around
2. Only A Miniature
3. Cut Off
4. Their Fantasy Mirrors
5. See My Dreams
6. Psalm 666
7. In Moonlit Clouds
8. She's Deformed
9. Pop All My Brain Cells

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