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Telephone Line: Monologues And Messages

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11:37 Sievey Enterprises

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"This recording was compiled using original audio cassette tapes from the Chris Sievey Archive. Essentially, a mix of spoken-word 'phone-line' monologues from Frank (and little Frank) and a selection of 'Answer-phone' messages to Frank, left by fans.

Frank / Chris had no boundaries when it came to capitalising on any commercial medium to comunicate his message...and the late 80's growth of the 'adult entertainment' phone-line industry was no exception. The concept was simple, fans could dial a number to hear various recorded messages of Frank telling stories, promoting concerts or singing the odd jingle... all charged at a premium rate. If you were really lucky, Frank would answer in person!

The telephone number was published in 'Oink' comic and on the sleeves of the records. The recording was updated daily, encouraging fans to keep calling back and the service proved to be very successful. It is believed that five Answer-phone machines were consecutively burned out during the phone-line's peak of popularity. 

In the documentary 'Being Frank', Chris's wife, Paula, points out how ludicrous it was to publish a domestic phone number. Their phone would ring constantly all night, every night. Inevitably, they stopped answering it completely.

Whilst our best efforts have been made to enhance the sound quality of these recordings, please bear in mind that the existing cassettes used as source material are approximately 30 years old. Some tapes have fared better than others and in some instances the audio fidelity could be regarded as 'a bit bobbins'. However the ace and top content could simply not be overlooked.

Thank you
11:37 Sievey Enterprises


1 Welcome To My Money Wasting Phone-line
2 I Love Space And Puppets
3 Please, Please, Please, Please....
4 P + B Reprise
5 Total Waste Of Money With L.F.
6 Lock Ness Monster
7 Some Of Them Fantastic Fan Messages
8 Space-rocket Dustbin To The Moon

1 Tales Of Mystery And UFO's
2 Another P+B Reprise
3 Carry On Money-Wasting
4 Leave Your Message After The Bleep
5 More Fantastic Fan Messages
6 Footballing Deluge Of Mail
7 Morning, Noon And Some Enchanted Evening
8 Scared By Cardboard (After 6 O'clock)

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